About Pilates

Pilates is a movement discipline available to all ages in which the exercises, breathing technique and mind/body connection build strength and flexibility to carry over from class to daily life. Pilates teaches how to move well and efficiently but like anything, it requires effort on your part. To be truly beneficial Pilates needs to be about more than attending class once a week. Application in daily life is essential. Pilates can help you achieve a higher sense of body awareness to bring about positive changes to your movement habits to include:

•    good alignment
•    restoring the body to balance
•    mobilising joints
•    aiding co-ordination and balance.

Being an efficient movement technique, Pilates will compliment any other sporting activity.

German born Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) is the revolutionary behind the Pilates Method or Contrology as he named his discipline. It was said that Pilates was a sickly child who in turn dedicated his life’s work to improving his and others physical fitness. He studied many movement disciplines, gymnastics, yoga, boxing and was a circus performer. It was from these studies that he developed his method. In around 1925 Pilates migrated to the United States and opened a studio in New York initially teaching professional dancers, gymnasts and other such performers.

With the benefits of Pilates being widely recognised, Pilates is now practised by millions worldwide including dancers, athletes and the general public alike.